yellowstone season 1 outfits collection

Yellowstone Season 1 Outfits Collection

In case you haven’t heard Yellowstone is the big hit and appears that there is no decrease in the number of its viewership. Over time series has surprised the industry by becoming one of the most-watched series on television, earning as many as five million viewers per episode. Over the course, Kevin Costner starring in thnike air max 270 men’s human lace front wigs adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 mono ice nike air max 90 futura nike air jordan mid uberlube luxury lubricant buffalo bills cleats for a cause nike vapor max custom youth basketball uniforms velvet rose personal water based lubricant custom kings jersey yeezy 450 dark slate green bay packers jersey adidas yeezy slide onyx buffalo bills cleats for a cause e Western melodrama has become most talked about in the show. It has continued to build the buzz with its interesting storyline which is a blend of Political intrigue, family drama, and classic Western motifs. 

If you haven’t watched the show yet and don’t count yourself in the growing fandom of the series then we can easily fill in. Do you know what’s more surprising is that the Yellowstone series has set its fringes in the National Park? Its storyline follows the ongoing battles of the Dutton family. The family is headed by John Dutton which is portrayed by the famous American actor, Film director, and producer. He has won Academy Awards, Two Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Awards, Emmy Awards, and two Screen Guild Awards. 

The show continues to foreground the Duttons with the large bank accounts that are actually large enough to rival their own personalities. John (Kevin Costner) is still disgruntled trying to control the family holding and family itself. After season 1 of the series, you will also see that season 2 has shown the reason for the members being part of the family business. Another interesting character is John’s cowboy son Kayce, Luke Grimes is assured part of the ensemble of time around. 

Moreover, you will also see the character of Jamie Dutton played by Wes Bentley has been a mainstay in Yellowstone from the beginning. He is not offered much to do with politically frustrated Jamie which is like at one point being told that the character is literally waiting for the world to tell him what to do next. Which seems quite disappointing!!! 

Next comes Rip Wheeler who is a ranch hand on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. It is one of the biggest cattle ranches in the United States. This classic character is played by Cole Hauser but at the beginning, it was essentially played by Kyle Red Silverstein which was a younger version in several flashbacks. Don’t forget the romantic jargon between Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton the daughter of his boss. There has been a mutual attraction between the two few tough situations may come and go but they were again drawn toward each other in one way or another. 

Monica Dutton, another leading character of the Yellowstone series is a Native resident of the Broken Rock Reservation. She is a teacher and professor who got married to Kayce Dutton which put the couple in a difficult position. The gorgeous character is played by Kelsey Asbille in Yellowstone. She was the teacher at Heartsong Middle School. Monica and Kayce were on bad terms Monica had to take physical therapy. She took her relationship with her therapist to the next level. It did not last, however, Monica and Kayce give them another try at their marriage. 

Besides all these actions, drama, and adventure we have something more awesome for you to discover. This modern western series is intelligent, suspenseful, and beautiful on the eyes. What’s more, the reason for us to talk about this show is the obsession of the fan with the show which encouraged us to draw inspiration from their wardrobe and show you Yellowstone Jackets Collection for those who want to style like their favorite Yellowstone characters. Here’s how you do it! 


Kevin Costner Yellowstone Jacket

The head of the Dutton family is making a style statement in Kevin Costner Yellowstone Jacket. He has been giving us rugged and mature cowboy vibes in a strong persona in the jacket crafted from pure cotton fabric. It is a perfect wear for extreme weather. As you can see he during the scene all snug and warm. Along with the style, this tasteful jacket is giving some major cowboy vibes with its unique combination of brown color and orange panels on the shoulders. This jacket is both practical and fashionable. Pair it with a simple turn down shirt or V-neck sweater and you are good to go. Basically, his rounded cowboy-style hats and cool jackets make him look like a man with a passion for fashion. John Dutton is a fashionista who loves going all the way to represent his class and make no compromise on his style. 


Cole Hauser Yellowstone Black Jacket


Cole Hauser portrays the Award-winning character of Rip Wheeler on this award-winning American series Yellowstone showing the strong attitude which is most cherished by the fans especially due to his loyalty and love. He seems to be inspired by the Wild West American style which he opts for in various appearances. He is seen as the guy who shows loyalty toward his woman and can fight for his loved ones. What more amazed us is the Cole Hauser Yellowstone Black Jacket which is made from premium quality cotton however, super comfortable on the inside with an additional viscose lining. Now, you can inspire by the iconic look in the most fashionable Rip Wheeler Black Jacket. 


Monica Dutton Brown Hoodie


When we talk about the tv series inspired Yellowstone Outfits Collection that has been able to inspire a number of fans who are actually willing to take them to their wardrobe we must not forget the hottest diva who appeared in the series. Monica Dutton is a trendsetter who may actually have fashionable jackets and accessories that you and your friends may have combined. She is spotted in an exceptionally comfortable and stylish Monica Dutton Brown Hoodie promoting the American style that can be more vogue by pairing it with denim or any chic bottoms that make it flattering and fun to wear. 


Kayce Dutton Yellowstone Vest


Kayce Dutton one of the sons of John Dutton head of the Dutton family. Unfortunate the Kayce childhood when her mother died while riding the horse with Kayce and Beth Dutton when she suddenly fell and got seriously injured. The young Kayce did everything to help her but she could not manage to survive and died. Later his father adopted a son named Rip Wheeler. The character is played by Luke Grimes. He has become a trendsetter after his appearance in such a fashionable way in the famous series. Luke Grime’s strong build is perfect to rock any vest. If you are bored and want to add something much more fashionable to your wardrobe why not try this round collared vest in sophisticated brown color. To break the stereotype you must invest in this elegant vest. 


Yellowstone John Dutton Vest


Loose corduroy pants, Round hat, and black vest seem to have defended the outlook that is associated with the character. It is a perfect example for the prime fashionistas of the modern era who love going all the way to represent their class and make no compromise over the style. John has greatly developed the taste of fashion in this amazing black vest to look superior to his counterparts and rivals. He has combined the vest with the collared shirt to look like a man with an attitude and no mercy to the invaders. You must take the practical step to update your wardrobe by adding such an amazing Yellowstone John Dutton Vest. 


Yellowstone Kayce Dutton Jacket


The modern western drama sees it’s character styled in the vintage-inspired rancher wear with a modern twist. In the series, Luke Grimes is ready to take down the silver screen in another smart and fashionable Yellowstone Kayce Dutton Jacket that is perfect for a casual and trans-seasonal breathtaking look. you must explore this winter outfit essential to make you style like a patriotic American. Right now the fans are in love with this Kayce Dutton Jacket that is designed with cotton material for a versatile look. Most of all it is one fantastic choice for modern travelers.