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This Season, Don’t Just Enjoy The Shows; Think About Ordering Their Inspired Outfits, Too! 

How many times have you got tired of streaming the same predictable tv-shows again and again? Multiple times, right? Well, it’s time to say a forever bye to such a boring series because Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is here to turn your boring lives upside down! Not only it has a unique yet intriguing plot, but its inspired outfits deserve a separate steaming fashion show right now. So, if you’re ready to explore what’s trending this season, then hold onto your hearts and wallets; cause both of them are about to go out of control! 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is a fashionably thrilling musical series that we needed this whole time! 

How many times have you wished to hear everyone’s inner thoughts around you? As you count, we’re about to tell you the intriguing plotline of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist that revolves around the girl having magical abilities to listen to everyone’s thoughts as musical numbers and songs. How does that sound? If exciting, then here’s more to it! Apart from the compelling plot, the show consists of thrilling love-triangles, worth-watching cliffhangers, a talented yet familiar cast, jaw-dropping outfits, the spices containing comedy, exceptional cinematography, epic playlist, and is already renewed for another season! 

Don’t skip the ‘who’s in the cast’ part! 

Since season one has already been streamed, here’s gossip about the most likable characters on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist show! Jane Levy (Zoey) is the protagonist of the show and knows pretty well how to grab everyone’s attention with her powers and enchanting fashion sense. Next up, who doesn’t love a supportive neighbor that just focuses on his music and helping you out? Alex Newell (Mo) is the neighbor of Zoey’s that we all need in our lives. Skylar Astin (Max) and John C. Stewart (Simon) are our two boys who have surrendered their love for Zoey; thus, the deadly love-triangle! Other than these, Mary Steenburgen (Maggie), Peter Gallagher (Mitch), Lauren Graham (Joan Bennett), Alice Lee (Emily), and Kapil Talwalkar (Tobin) are also included in the leading cast. 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s Season 2 is already on board! 

Season 2 of the series is filled with more new characters as some of the old ones will find closure. The sensational love triangle between Simon, Max, and Zoey will still be alive; the audience will be exploring more appealing outfit collections. Zoey will be discovering more about her powers, and lastly, the season will be streamed in January 2021-which means only a little time is left! 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has the best outfits collection! 

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