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Netflix’s Biggest Hit Of All Time, 13 Reasons Why Tv-Series Is Still Trending, And We Know Why!

Everyone remembers the thrilling times when Netflix recently released the top-streaming show of all time, 13 Reasons Why, and followed the same fun with other popular hits like Riverdale, Money Heist, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Sex Education. Now that most of the shows have ended, such as CAOS along with 13 Reasons Why and others following the same route, it’s time to relive the magic once again and recall what made 13 Reasons Why the most memorable for us! So, keep reading as we’re about to talk about the show’s plot, main characters, trending outfits, songs of the season, and worth-knowing facts. So, let’s begin this last ride once again and enjoy it till it lasts! 

The Thrilling Plot: 

Based on the novels by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is an emotional yet mysterious thriller that follows the story of a high school girl, Hannah Baker (Katherine Longford). Hannah takes her own life and explains thirteen reasons why she killed herself by recording an audiobook in tapes and sending it to her classmates. Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is one of Hannah’s classmates and receives the first tape following two weeks of Hannah’s death on his porch after returning from school. Since Hannah used to be Clay’s crush; hence, he starts investigating her death and begins to follow the hidden clues in all the tapes.

How About We Recall A Few Of Our Favorite Characters On The Show? 

Tyler: A hope of happiness and comfort, who made us realize that we’re perfect the way we are and there’s no need to change anything about ourselves. Hence, he’s simply everyone’s favorite. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jensen: Who thought that the parents could be on the favorite characters list? Both of these characters remained our favorite till the end for their never-ending love for Clay and Justin, helping them through various ways and supporting them whenever they needed it. 

Zach: A football team’s star and knows how to fully respect women, yes, that’s the perfect description of Zach. Being Hannah’s love interest, Zach remains everyone’s loveable character despite going through transitions in later seasons. 

Charlie: Charlie joined the show during the fourth season. The reason behind him here is his courage for embracing his different sexual preferences and standing up against all the odds! 

Jessica: She’s simply one of the most prominent women’s rights figures on the show. Despite facing a tragedy, Jessica channels her tragedy and pain into teaching other girls about their rights by standing for them against everything. 

A Glimpse At What’s Trending In 13 Reasons Why Outfits Section

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Are You Ready For Some Incredible Facts About The Show? 

                    Selena Gomez was supposed to play Hannah Baker at first. 

                    You can listen to Hannah’s tapes online on a website now. 

                    Hannah Baker’s death is different in books. 

                    Devin Druid, aka, Tyler auditioned to play Clay. 

                    Lastly, The Night We Met by Lord Huron is still everyone’s favorite song that appeared on the show!