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Don’t Forget To Mark Your Calendars Because The Luminaries Series Is Returning With Another Season! 

The Luminaries might not be in everyone’s diaries; however, its fandom knows how intriguing this adaptation of the novel is; from having a compelling plot, casting talented actors, and dropping an exquisite outfit collection, the series deserves more recognition than ever. And with the news of another season releasing soon, things couldn’t get better than this! So, mark your calendars asap and get ready to stay up all night while watching your favorite show. 

Do you remember the plot of The Luminaries, or want us to recall it for you again? 

Following the same story of the book, and set in the 19th century, The Luminaries revolves around the story of a young adventurer, Anna. The girl leaves her home behind to have a golden fortune and reaches her desired destination, the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. There she gets acquainted with another fortune seeker, Emery. Within no time, the love bells ring around them, and they end up falling in love with each other. However, the fortunes are never predictable; thus, both of them start to sense something wrong, and soon, the mysterious murder mysteries take place and shake their love. To see what’s going to happen next, you’ve got to wait for the second season. 

The Luminaries series cast is a fresh take on everything! 

Former Bond star, Eva Green, is leading The Luminaries cast with her role as a brothel madam Lydia Wells. Joining her in the lead is the beautiful Irish actress Eve Hewson as the young adventurer, Anna Wetherell, and her love-interest Himesh Patel as Emery. Apart from these, The Luminaries series cast also includes Marton Csokas, Ewen Leslie, Erik Thomson, Callan Mulvey, and Matt Whelan as the main supporting cast. 

So, when can you stream The Luminaries? 

As hinted by the show’s creators, the wait for this alluring show is almost over! Although everyone was expecting it a bit earlier; however, due to the ongoing pandemic, things had to be stopped midway. But, it’s all in the past now as The Luminaries season 2 is coming to your screens this fall! 

Is it available on Netflix? 

We knew you’d be asking this within no time, and luckily, The Luminaries is available on Netflix. But, if you’re from the North American region, you can stream this show on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the Starz network. 

Besides marking your regular calendars, you’ve got to mark your fashion calendars for The Lumairneries outfit collection! 

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