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Netflix’s The Harder They Fall Movie Is Leading The Charts & Here’s Its Outfits Collection!

Movies are effortlessly taking over the fashion town for obvious reasons. From making everyone fall in love with the characters’ wardrobe to coming up with new fashion trends, it only takes a while for movie-inspired outfits to grab everyone’s immediate attention. And the same thing happened with the earlier released Jeymes Samuel’s western The Harder They Fall movie. Thus, to help you elevate your fashion sense as per the modern fashion trends, we have sorted out The Harder They Fall Outfits collection. But before you dive into the fashion perfection of the movie outfits, we have also gathered everything else to know about the film! So, keep reading!

A Western Revenge Story With A Deeper Meaning:

The Harder They Fall revolves around two gangs filled with violence and fear. The one is led by Nat Love, bearing a deep cut on his forehead as a gift from a villain who killed Nat’s parents in childhood. he gets on the journey to take revenge by getting other people to join him, such as sharpshooter Bill Pickett, Cuffee, Jim Beckworth, the local marshal, Bass Reeves, and Nat’s love interest Mary.

The other gang is Rufus Buck’s gang, apparently the bad ones. His group members include Trudy Smith, Cherokee Bill, and sheriff Wiley Escoe. the action occurs when Buck’s head tries to rescue them from a prison train, and the news gets delivered to the Nat Love gang.

While western-themed movies are incomplete without the duels or fights in long desert lands, the debuting director, Jeymes Samuel, intends to portray a man being haunted by a man just like him. Although Nat Love does try to be a protagonist here, after being confronted with Rufus, they both realize how they are caught up in the same cycle of violence and loss.

Besides this, the movie has romance, humour, and impeccable cinematography, making it hard for the audience to take their eyes off the screens, even for a minute. Thus, you’ve got to trust us and watch this movie right away!

Jonathan Majors, Zazie Beetz, and Idris Elba:

Jonathan Majors portrays the protagonist Nat Love, whose thirst for revenge occurs when he sees Rufus Buck brutally killing his parents right in front of him as a kid and leaving him with a scar on his forehead. Even though some of his actions are questionable, the viewers sympathize with him as he begins his journey to get suitable revenge. You may recognize the actor from the Lovecraft Country TV Series and The Last Black Man in San Francisco movie.

Zazie Beetz plays stagecoach Mary, the love interest of Nat Love; however, she doesn’t let love come in her way when taking a stand for herself or something she wants to do. Throughout the movie, Mary believes in fighting for the people she cares about and refuses to give up in any situation. Beetz is further famous for starring in Atlanta, Deadpool 2, Joker, and Nine Days.

Idris Elba is not just a name but a household of perfection. In the movie, he plays the antagonist, Rufus Buck, and keeps interfering in villainy acts. However, as the film proceeds to the end, Buck reveals a secret to Nat, which allows the audience to see Buck from a newer perspective. Regardless, Buck remains the antagonist. Elba’s notable projects include The Wire and Luther TV Series, the autobiographical Mandela movie, and other animated movies like Zootopia, Finding Dory, and others.

Other than these, RJ Cycler plays Jim Beckwourth, Edi Gathegi as Bil Peckett, Danielle Deadwyler as Cuffee, Regina King as Trudy Smith, and others.

The Harder They Fall Outfits:

Now, a movie filled with western action and exceptional cinematography has a trendy yet spectacular wardrobe that you cannot miss out on! Thus, as said above, we have listed some of the best-sellers from The Harder They Fall Jackets & Coats collection, which you can add to your cart ASAP.

The Harder They Fall Regina King Coat

Playing Trudy Smith on screen, the popular American actress/director wore this western-themed trench coat that has been ruling the fashion town since! Get this new best-seller, The Harder They Fall Regina King Coat, and recreate King’s look for the best fashion moments!

Idris Elba The Harder They Fall Jacket

Idris Elba knows how to steal the show with his spontaneous fashion presence on the screens. Inspired by his wardrobe in the movie, we recommend adding this Idris Elba The Harder They Fall Jacket to your shopping lists ASAP!

The Harder They Fall Trudy Smith Double-Breasted Coat

Do you know one of the best things about The Harder They Fall Trudy Smith Double-Breasted Coat? You can style them variously for multiple occasions! So, besides winning the best-costume label at cosplay/costume parties, you can also wear this Trudy Smith-inspired coat at other events!


    • What’s the central idea of The Harder They Fall movie?
      The Harder They Fall depicts a revenge story filled with a recognizable plot of two men caught up in the never-ending loop of revenge and violence, sprinkled with a bit of romance and loyalty.
    • Is The Harder They Fall a true story?
      Although the movie follows real-life historical events and figures, the film creators have put up an ‘all events are fictional’ disclaimer.
    • What’s the most popular easter egg in the THTF movie?
      The most prominent easter egg in the movie is the train named after the American actor Chadwick Boseman, famous for playing T’Challa/Black Panther in the MCU.
    • Is The Harder They Fall worth watching?
      If you are up for a thrilling movie with immense action, a thirst for revenge, and a new perspective on why a person ends up a villain, then you should stream The Harder They Fall ASAP!
    • Will there be a sequel to The Harder They Fall Movie?
      Although the director Jeymes Samuel has hinted towards making the sequel, Netflix has yet to announce the awaited news.
    • How many views did the movie get?
      Right after the release, it’s said that the movie received almost 1.2 billion minutes of streaming views instantly.
    • Is The Harder They Fall a hit or a flop?
      Despite the post covid outbreak, The Harder They Fall film secured pretty good reviews for its intriguing plotline, talented cast, and Samuel’s debut yet commendable direction.
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