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The Drowning Isn’t Just Full Of Suspense But Knows How To Drown All The Old Fashion Trends, Too!

It’s been a long time since any series grasped onto our skins with its never-ending suspense and cliffhangers, but things are about to change this season! The recently-released mystery/suspense tv-series The Drowning is already giving us significant thriller series vibes that we all crave. Not only this, but its characters’ inspired wardrobe is giving other fashion trends a tough time, and we’re living for it! Thus, let’s just not keep you in suspense anymore and fill your head with everything that you’d want to know about the show right away. 

Here’s a short synopsis of The Drowning’s plot; 

The story starts with the mystery of Jodie’s missing son, Tom, who went missing near the family house lake and was later presumed dead without any relative evidence. After some time, Jodie’s husband, Mark, leaves her for her best friend and leaves Jodie all alone. Then one day, Jodie comes across a young teenage boy, Daniel, who reminds her of her long-lost son and gets convinced that it’s her boy. However, upon Jodie’s claim, no one believes her, and neither Daniel remembers anything either. Fast forward, she starts developing friendly relations with Daniel until the series of uncovered truths decides to burst her beliefs. The Drowning is a four-part series that you should immediately add to your watch list of this season asap. 

Want to know who’s in The Drowning’s cast? 

The Drowning mini-tv series main cast includes Jill Halfpenny as the leading character Jodie, Jonas Amstrong as Jodie’s supportive brother Jason, Deborah Findlay as Jodie’s antagonist mother Lynn, Jade Anouka as Jodie’s friend Yasmin, Cody Molko as Daniel, and Rupert Penry-Jones as Jodie’s ex-husband Mark. Other than these, Dara Devaney, Deirdre Mullins, and Babs Olusanmokun also share the incredible screen of The Drowning tv-show. 

Now, how about we find how The Drowning is drowning other old fashion trends? 

Apart from being a thriller series, the wardrobe stylists of The Drowning show have done an excellent job in appearing their characters as fashionably-perfect that almost everyone admires. Thus, filling your seasonal wardrobe with the highly in-demand The Drowning Coats and Jackets is something that you need right away. Plus, to depict what type of apparel is in The Drowning Outfits collection and save you from the endless research, we’ve picked the best-two articles that you’d find quite appealing. 

The Drowning Checked Fringe Coat

If you believe in the power of a perfectly stitched checked-fringed coat, you wouldn’t even think about a second before getting this bombastic fashion apparel. With that said, The Drowning Checked Fringe Coat is precisely what you need to exhibit them much-awaited fashion moments. With an eye-catching checked printed exterior, fringed hemline, and sensational color, you can slay any gathering with your refined fashion sense! So, shop it now.


The Drowning Black Leather Jacket

Can anyone ever doubt the classiness of a black colored leather jacket? The real fashion enthusiast can never! With an authentic leather fabric exterior, minimal yet fascinating features, and enchanting black color, The Drowning Black Leather Jacket is feasibly one of the seasonal must-haves that can turn your regular dressing style into an exotic one within just one glimpse. 

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