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All About The Trending NFL Starter Jackets, Hoodies, and Shirts This Season!

Just like that, the season has changed once again, and if you can guess already, it’s the perfect time to bring a change to your usual wardrobe with something new yet chic such as NFL Starter Jackets, Hoodies & shirts!

Today, fashion enthusiasts are trying to change the regular fashion game, and considering the increased demand for sportswear these days, it’s safe to say that investing in one won’t make you regret anything.

Plus, being your trustable online store out there, we never refrain from suggesting you with the best, and this season is official of the trending NBA/NFL Starter jackets, available now at exclusive discounted prices. But before we let you dive into exploring the collection, let’s talk about a few related things that you should know!

So, To Begin With, What Are The Starter Jackets?

Founded in 1971, Starter, Inc is a famous American clothing manufacturing line that mainly focuses on the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and even CFL teams-inspired clothing apparel. Further, the clothing line includes teams’ inspired jackets, hoodies, shirts, leggings, and even accessories such as bags and hats.

Although the original company did stop creating new jackets in between, the stylists revived the fashion a few years ago. Besides, the people never stopped wearing the Starter jackets, either. Thus, it doesn’t matter if it’s about supporting the team through making iconic fashion statements or making howls in the locker rooms while having the best vintage outfit; the trend is still leading the charts as it should. With that said, let’s not stall you anymore and get to the good part, i.e., checking out our newly-stocked Starter Jackets collection.

The Best-Selling NBA/NFL Starter Jackets, Hoodies, & Shirts For Sale To Explore/Shop

Aka, vintage letterman jackets, the Starter jackets have been around for as long as anyone could remember. Although it was more like a dream to wear something similar to the sports teams’ attire exhibited in live matches or on screens, today, anything is possible, and let’s not forget how vintage is the new modern! Thus, to get you started with the best Starter clothing gear out there, we’ve picked the best from the best teams out there!

Los Angeles Lakers

Founded in 1947, the Los Angeles Lakers, aka LA Lakers, is the most popular American basketball team which plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the Western Conference Pacific Division league’s member. Further, being home to renowned players like Shaq O’ Neal, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Magic Johnson, the team has won 17 NBA championships. And considering such popularity, it’s merely impossible not to explore/shop the team’s inspired Lakers Starter Jackets Collection in stock now.

Cincinnati Bengals

Associated with the National Football League (NFL), Cincinnati Bengals is an American football franchise from Cincinnati that takes part in the league through the club’s home games. Although the Bengals might be a struggling team, it still has birthed famous living legends, including Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson, Chad Johnson, Willie Anderson, and many more famous personalities.
Moreover, while keeping the team’s fashionable fans’ Starter jackets options open, we have stocked the all-time best-seller Bengals Starter Jacket, which you can style with almost every other apparel without worrying much!

New England Patriots

Based in the Greater Boston area, Likewise, the Bengals, the New England Patriots, is another famous American football team that further competes in the NFL as the American Football Conference East division league’s member club. Additionally, with having the best players on the team, including QB Mac Jones, RB Damien Harris, CB J.C. Jackson, the Patriots have won six Super Bowl titles for now. And to have the best Starter jackets suggestions, we’ve sorted the trending Men’s Starter Patriots Jackets, which you can explore/shop anytime and style them as per your preference within just a few clicks!

Some FAQs To Gossip About!

When Did Starter Jackets Were Invented?
Initially, the Starter jackets were introduced in 1971, yet, no one noticed the new trend much until 1976 when MLB (Major League Baseball) decided to license the clothing line.

Are The Starter Jackets Still In Style?
Famous for their classic design consisting of rib-knitted cuffs, satin fabric, and loose fit, the trend skyrocketed towards being the most popular back then within only a short time, and the same effect is still alive; hence, investing in a Starter jacket will never go old.

Why Did Starter Stop Making New Jackets?
The ever-classic Starter jackets sparked immense popularity in 1992, and the net sales peaked up to $350 million. However, due to people’s sudden less interest in the apparel and many other factors, the company decided to shut down after facing bankruptcy in 1999, until the parent company Iconic Brand Group bought the Starter in 2019 again.

How Long Does A Starter Jacket Last?
Likewise, the other apparel, the original Starter jacket, might not be in the limelight anymore, yet the new variations possess the same effect and quality standard. But, with care and not wearing the attire roughly or that much often can easily increase the lifespan of such a timeless jacket.

What Is The NFL?
National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league that consists of 32 teams divided between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

When Will The 2022 NFL Season Happen?
Just like each year, this year’s 103rd NFL season is expected to begin from 08 September 2022 till 8 January 2023.

Is Hit Jacket An Authentic Site To Shop The Starter Clothing Gear?
Being the finest leather jacket makers in town, Hit Jacket’s top stylists make sure that their each associated clothing apparel is of the high-quality standard. Hence, be it the movies/series inspired attire or the in-demand NFL Starter jackets, hoodies & shirts, clothing gear, the site’s everything handled perfectly.

How Much Time Would It Take For My Parcel To Get Delivered?
With providing free shipping to selected regions, the parcel delivery estimation can take place from one to ten days after the confirmation email.