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Here’s How & Why Bomber Jackets Continue To Make Every Fashionable Man’s Wardrobe Better!

In the competitive race of timeless yet essential apparel of all time, men’s bomber jackets are continuing their infinite charm and irresistible fashion power of making every fashionable man’s wardrobe better than before. However, despite the never-ending demand for such attire, the questions consisting of; what is a bomber jacket, how to style it, which variations to get, are still circulating everyone’s mind. 

Hence, to not just suggest the best but make our fashion-readers understand how things are the way they are, we’ve come up with an ultimate bomber jackets’ manual to go through right away! 

Invented during the first and second world wars, the bomber jacket, living up to its foremost capability, protecting you from rough weather, still includes the traditional features such as a rib-knitted collar, cuffs, hemline, slit minimal pockets, the zipper/buttoned front, and multiple colors. 

Further, from the beginning till now, the exquisite trend of men’s bomber jackets has only increased. Thus, whereas only a few; Hollywood celebs, selected university students, or elite could invest in the apparel back in the day, today, anyone can step up their game and live up to the dreams of having the best fashion moments in bombers quite easily! 

Although there are multiple men’s bomber jackets’ style variations to choose from; the few selected ones that can easily be worn throughout the year include shearling bomber jackets, varsity bomber jackets, leather bomber jackets, puffer/polyester/satin bomber jackets, cotton bomber jackets, and last but not least, quilted bomber jackets. (Luckily, Hit Jacket has them all!)

Now, if you believe in the bomber jacket for every occasion idea, styling any variation of men’s bomber jacket would become pretty easy for you. And since we’re talking about every occasion, here’s the breakdown of certain styling looks to adopt while attending one; 

  • Formal: As the formal dressing events are usually associated with having a tie in your overall outfit, styling a solid-colored cotton/polyester bomber jacket with a formal shirt, pants, and tie would be the best ultimatum for any fashion-forward man out there. 

  • Casual: When talking about the casual look, good old sneakers, ripped jeans, and your favorite shirt paired with minimal accessories and a go-to leather/varsity bomber jacket will never go out of style! 

  • Winter luxury on point: Winters are never complete without the luxurious sherpa/lamb-skin/shearling bomber jackets, and if you agree, too, be free to choose any of the variations and style it under both; formal to casual impressions. 

  • Additional-Timeless Lucky charms: Apart from the most-followed styling looks and bought bomber variations, the lucky charmers such as puffer or quilted are something that you should never miss while looking out for the best men’s bomber jackets to add to your wardrobes. 

Lastly, meanwhile, you head out to explore the men’s bomber jackets section, don’t forget to check out and buy new leather bomber jackets along with the other best-selling premium collections of Varsity Jackets and Shearling Jackets, either!