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On The Much-anticipated Release Of MacGyver Season 4, Here’s Everything To Know About The Show So Far!

After a year of never-ending pandemic and lockdown, our many favorite series got caught in the crossfire and were delayed for a long time. Now that we’re trying to adjust to the changed circumstances, things are trying to be as they were before, which also means that getting to watch all those postponed seasons this year! With that just, the MacGyver series season 4 is finally hitting screens this year, and we couldn’t be happier! Since we had a long time to wait for it; thus,  we’ve sorted out a few things that you should know before streaming the latest season. 

First, let’s recall the basic plot of MacGyver to date! 

The original 1985 MacGyver did make its way up to the charts pretty well. After so many years, its remake appeared in 2016 and took over the web with a much-appreciated storm. The plot follows the story of a guy named Angus MacGyver working as a secret agent of the US government and solves each case with dedication and passion for helping others. During the first season, Mac, Jack, and Nikki plan to steal the biological weapon, but their plan doesn’t work as Kendrick kidnaps Nikki and demands the biological weapons back. 

After a while, a change of events takes place; Mac and Jack receive an order from boss Patricia who shows them a video of biological weapons being used. The boys start working out on the case, find that Nikki is alive and catch her working for Kendrick red-handed. Moreover, the biological weapons get sold in between, and Mac tries to undo the damage. Now, from here, season 4 will proceed with the further story! 

Who’s in the cast? 

The MacGyver cast includes Lucas Till as Angus MacGyver, Tristin Mays as Riley Davis, Justin Hires as Wilt Bozer, Meredith Eaton as Matty Webber, Tracy Spiridakos as Nikki, and George Eads as Jack Dalton. 

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Where can you watch the MacGyver series? 

You can feasibly stream the entire seasons of the MacGyver series on CBS, DIRECT TV, and even purchase it all on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google play, etc. 

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