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Netflix’s Latest Lupin Tv-series Isn’t Just A Show, But A Complete Styling Guide That You Shouldn’t Miss! 

Netflix is going big this year, and its recently premiered sneak-peek of upcoming projects is taking over the web with the storm! 2021’s justly released Lupin tv-series is not just your basic heist series; with a strong plotline, fascinating cast, thrilling cliffhanger, and exquisite outfit collection, it’s a complete package to begin your year with! Thus, forget whatever is on your mind for a while, and take this Lupin ride with us and we guarantee; it’s worth the hype! 

Lupin: an emotional avenging series with a thrilling heist plan! 

The greatest revenge stories always have a strong motive behind them. Inspired by classic French stories about Arsène Lupin; the action-thriller series, Lupin is about Assane Diop and his father Babakar, who gets accused of stealing a priceless necklace of  Marie Antoniette from their house’s safe. As a result, Babakar gets thrown in jail, where he dies and leaves behind his 14yo orphan son, Assane. 

After a few years, Assane returns while being influenced by the stories of fictional thief Arsène Lupin in the novels by French author Maurice Leblanc. Being a thief, he now plots an intriguing heist plan of stealing the same necklace of Marie and clearing his father’s name. Now, does he get successful in his plan or end up complicating things with inevitable twists? Stream the series to find out what happens! 

Who’s in the cast of this show? 

When it comes to the heist, the most influential yet talented people are required to do the job! Has Lupin tv-show applied the same theory in terms of the cast? Let’s find out! First off on our list is Omar Sy (Assane Diop). Now, what’s the fun without any smart cop trying to resolve the puzzles? Soufiane Guerrab (Youseff Guedira) is that cop for you. He’s also a major key to all the cliffhangers in between the show. Joining these two in the leading cast is Assane’s love-interest, Ludivine Sagnier (Claire), and the antagonist, Hervé Pierre ( Hubert Pellegrini). Apart from these, Clotilde Hesme, Antoine Gouy, and Etan Simon are also sharing the highlight of being the main supporting cast. 

Lupin: your ultimate fashion guide, how? 

When a highly-streaming series has an intriguing plot, excellent cast, it doesn’t leave any blindspot in making its wardrobe jaw-dropping, either! Just like that, Lupin is not only making its name in the film industries, but its inspired outfit collection is chasing stardom in the fashion kingdom as well. And to make things even simpler, we’ve already picked the best-selling articles from Lupin Outfits to lure your fashion-interest right away! 

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High-quality fabric jackets with minimal yet appealing details and sensational solid colors; who wouldn’t want that? For centuries, everyone has been investing in the timeless trend of jackets, and just like that, the alluring Omar Sy Arsene Lupin Jacket will make each fashion moment merely worth it! So, explore the exciting Lupin Jackets and Coats collection right away, and surprise everyone with your applaudable fashion sense. 

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