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Top 5 Times When Ewan Mcgregor Broke The Internet With His Attire As Halston In Halston Tv-show!

Netflix’s new Halston tv-show might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and some people have even criticized it at times. But, those who have got a diverse taste and can’t stop watching the new series that features multi-talented Ewan McGregor as the leading character, Halston, would agree with the strong fashion game in the entire five-episode series.

Since Hit Jacket never misses a sizzling fashion opportunity of exhibiting what’s trending in the fashion industry each season; hence, here are the top 5 Halston-inspired outfits from the Famous Halston TV Series outfits, jackets, and coats collection that you’ve got to buy ASAP! 

But first, how about we tell you about the fashion icon of the ’70s who changed the entire fashion paradigm? 

Roy Halston Frowick, aka, Halston was a significant fashion icon of the 1970s who changed the fashion industry for good! From starting as a milliner to opening his exceptional fashion clothing line after never giving up, Halston’s fame was undoubtedly reaching the skies with all his unique perception of fashion that everyone needed back then. 

The inspiring fashion designer designed customized attire for his fashionable friends, launched the first-ever ready-to-wear clothing line, broke the stereotypes by creating unisex apparel, participated in multiple exclusive fashion shows, partied without fearing any judgments, won awards, found love, and left everyone after his fame took a tragic turn down the road, yet his name is still sparkling today as it should!  

Now, it’s time to explore those top 5 must-have fashion statements of the season! 

Ewan McGregor Halston Coat

A smoothly stitched mid-length coat using authentic leather fabric that never fades away, the actor Ewan McGregor effortlessly stole the attention the minute he appeared on screens making an infinite fashion moment in this apparel. 

Since the coat is in sensational black color, you can opt for the same dressing style as the actor and let your attire talk without saying a word! 

Halston Ewan McGregor White Blazer

Whoever said that the classy solid-colored blazers are no longer in trend needs to see the irresistible fashion charm of Ewan McGregor as Halston when he stepped down in a simple yet breath-taking white blazer! And if you’re concerned about it being a vintage fashion staple, the classic solid colored blazers will never go out of trend, and that’s guaranteed! 

Halston 2021 Ewan McGregor White Coat

The sophisticated charm of the ’70s and still giving every other apparel a tough competition, the men’s trench coats are a fascinating solution to your every fashion problem, and that’s a fact! And if you’d take a look at the Ewan McGregor-Halston-inspired belted white trench coat, you wouldn’t say a word and place your order immediately! 

Ewan McGregor Halston Leather Coat

It’s no surprise that leather jackets have been ruling the fashion industry for ages! However, there’s always something better than a leather jacket that can easily distract anyone from investing in a leather jacket, i.e., an exquisite leather coat! And what could be better than getting yourself an Ewan McGregor character’s inspired leather coat that you can buy ASAP? 

Ewan McGregor Halston 2021 Checkered Coat

As we believe in saving the best for the last, you can never go wrong with timeless plaid patterned trench coats that were not only the charm of the 1800s but can still turn the tables with their everlasting charm that never goes unnoticeable! So, if you agree, check out and shop the Ewan McGregor Halston 2021 checkered coat right now.