Privacy Policy

Hit jacket respects the customers so it’s their duty that they regard the privacy of their respected customers as safe as the secrets are kept.  Our top priority is to ensure that your personal information is kept safe as your privacy is respected.

Information we require:-

  • The customer’s name
  • email address
  • mailing address
  • a phone number

These things would be compiled when the shopper ordered and registered on our website.
When customers place the online order we compiled the customer information to boost your hopping experiences as good as you want. Moreover, communicate with buyers related to the products and promotions. And, you can sign up to our website to get in touch with us and get updates on our products.

 The only way that we assemble personal information only when you willingly provide the information on our website. Surely, we keep the customer’s personal information safe.

When you place an order and do the payment of that order via PayPal and Payoneer. Hit jacket databases do not collect financial information.  So be relaxed that your financial information does not come to the hit jacket.In addition, the hit jacket does not keep the financial information of customers. Only, we collect personal information that customers willingly provide to hit a jacket.

The intention of collecting information:-

Information is only needed for making the transactions and shipments. Hit jacket does not store the information when the payment is received and shipment is done.  So, the purpose of gathering information is to make the best in the order delivery and collection of payment.

Hit jacket do not sell and share valuable customer’s information to any third party for marketing motives. Information is only used by hit jacket and information retained till shipment and payment of the order.