Payment Method

Hitjacket is a fast growing online destination. It’s because we believe in providing the best customer experience. We deliver products that fulfill the need and satisfy the customers. Besides providing best products we have best customer support. Our customers our pride therefore, we have bring simple payment procedure and methods.

These days it’s normal to have doubts before buying from any online sites because you never know whether it’s trustable or not. But hitjacket is a popular shopping destination, where millions of people buy. Further, you can completely be relaxed because at hitjacket the data you exchange between your computer and server is encrypted and never be stolen by any third party. Which means hitjacket is totally safe and secure thanks to the multiple encryption system.

What Payment Method Does hitjacket Support?

Now we know that you can easily do shopping from hitjacket, let’s focus on the payment methods that you can use as follows:

  1. PayPal
  2. Visa Card
  3. Master Card
  4. American Express

Like we mention before hitjacket doesn’t provide any information to any one or company. Our customer support responds to your query within 24 hours and your package will be delivered to you 5-8 business days.

Payment Process:

To begin the process you need to perform following steps:

  1. Search for a product at the website.
  2. Once all things are added to cart click on view cart and “proceed to check out”.
  3. Signup for an account to make purchase easy or enter as a guest.
  4. Fill in payment Methods usually paypal or just credit card.
  5. Place your order
  6. Wait for your items to come into the mail and enjoy!

For further query and information feel free to contact us at or [email protected]

We collect information and data only to correctly process and deliver your order.

This will enable us to retain privacy by assessing our customer’s identities.  When the payment confirmation is done then your every purchasing item is sent through shipment at your given address. When you are creating the accounting it is necessary to add the personal billing address and payment mode.

We offer numbers of payment procedures for our online customers:

  • Paypal
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express

React to your command:

Hit Jackets doesn’t publicize any data or mailing list to anyone or company. We reacted to your command within 24 hours and sent the package within 5 to 8 business days.


We don’t approve E-cheque PayPal payment, often to shipment delayed or payment related problems.

After depositing your order, our customer service will confirm the items of purchasing. When the process is completed,  you will receive the verification email from our customer service and give you a tracking ID.

How do I know my payment transaction is secure?

We assure you that we help our customers to make it easy to place the order

When your order is complete with the whole process, we do not retain your payment method information and the entire transaction is safe as per the company policy and right of the online customers.

Hit jackets are available to our customers. For more information, please feel free to contact us at